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Choosing the right school

Opportunities for education on the Eastern Seaboard.
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Have you just arrived on the Eastern Seaboard with children?
If so, one of your greatest concerns will be available schooling for your family. The opportunities for education on the Eastern Seaboard are varied and will range from community based nurseries/kindergartens to elementary/primary schools and including some fine international schools.

Choosing the right school Some of the issues which will affect your choice of school will be enrollment costs, the ages of your children, the educational system they are coming from and your expected length of stay in Thailand.

   The Eastern Seaboard has an excellent variety of educational facilities, ranging from pre-school through to high-school and options for further education. We highly recommend visiting a number of schools prior to selecting one for your children.

Is it British or American? How compatible is it with your home country's education system? Check to see if the school can provide detailed curriculum guidelines for each sector, giving attainment targets for each year group.
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Inquire about the schools policy. It should be a programme that is structured to suit individual children's needs. Is it an extra cost?
Class sizes
Consider class sizes. What is the teacher-student ratio?
What other language programs are offered?
Nationality Mix
Student Ratio
Availability of equipment and teaching resources.
What are their sports and library facilities like?
What is the cost? Is there a covered eating area? Check hygiene.
Extra Curricular Activities
These activities will usually vary each semester, so be sure to ask what is currently offered.
Special Subjects
Is there a music programme? Is there individual tuition for instruments? Are there drama productions? Are swimming lessons included in the physical education programme?
Check door-to-door travel time. Remember that buses drop off other children so allow an extra time factor for this.
Are supervised, air-conditioned buses with seat belts provided and what is the cost?
Do the quoted fees include books and classroom materials? Is there an application fee, registration fee, enrolment fee or capital fee? Are any of these refundable? Does each child pay them?



Pre-School & Nurseries



Elementary & Secondary Schools


Higher Education


  Also, if you would like additional information on educational facilities in the area, feel free to use the links below:


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