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Orientation Services

Premier International's services for arriving expatriate employees and their families.
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The Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. establishes contact with the expatriate family in their home country and meets with the expatriate family upon their arrival to the Eastern Seaboard.

During this first meeting, Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. will provide a verbal orientation session. This contact will also be supplemented with a copy of the Pattaya Business Directory, guide books, maps and any other written materials that might be suitable in orienting the incoming expatriate families.

Here are some of the things we consider and provide...
  • Individually access the needs of each family and each individual family member. Know what special information is required and be prepared to provide it. Location of medical facilities, driver's license offices, embassy registration, Post Office, passport and visa services, transportation options, etc. are some of the many types of information that prove to be very helpful to the incoming expatriate.

  • Provide a service of daily contact within the first 72 hours of arrival to insure that all interests are known and all questions are answered.

  • Explain and be prepared to discuss the many ways that Premier Homes can be the expatriate families conduit to services and inquiries during their first several days (their 'critical period') and as well, throughout their tenancy here on the Eastern Seaboard.

  • Premier Homes will be providing information on emergency numbers, security tips and general information that will help the new expatriate families feel well secured in their new home and let them know that they do have someone that they can turn to for all of their domestic concerns.

  • Premier Homes has an extensive library of social, tourist and service information. We are geared to service these needs for all of our expatriate employees and their families. In this capacity we are prepared to share a full list of services available through our company; which includes tours and excursions, jewelry and handicrafts, vehicle rental service, utility services, shopping needs, etc.

  • To organize a welcome dinner for the new incoming expatriate family as a venue to casually introduce the family to their new home countries foods, culture and social structuring in general. The expatriate families have already been oriented to their new home and area.....this is the time to orient the family to their new culture.

Client Housing Tour
Housing tour services for arriving expatriate employees and their families
  • A Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. representative will meet with the expatriate at their hotel to first discuss the basics and access each family members needs and priorities. This information will allow the Premier Homes representative the information necessary to organize an efficient itinerary for touring the proper housing.

  • The Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. representative will then take the client on a housing tour, which will be enough properties to:

    1. Allow the expatriate the opportunity to discover the general layout and area in which he is to live. This understanding will accommodate the client's ability to choose the best location for their new home.

    2. Allow the expatriate the opportunity to discover the general range in which the housing within his interests are priced. This understanding will accommodate the client's ability to offer the proper monthly rental amount for their new home.

  • Once the expatriate has found the housing that suits them best, the Premier Homes Real Estate representative will then begin the negotiations that will lead to the acceptance of a lease agreement with the owner of the home. Premier Homes takes special care to help create a good introduction and a positive relationship between the expatriate and the owner of their new home.

  • If there are any outstanding work order issues, purchases and/or services that are necessary prior to move in, Premier Homes Real Estate will work as a liaison to insure that all are taken care of. This will insure a smooth 'move in' for the expatriate and a positive atmosphere for the property owner.

  • Free Property Management Service Included - Full property management service for expatriate employees and their families
Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. is the only real estate firm on the entire Eastern Seaboard that stays with their clients throughout their tenancy. Yes! We move you in and when the time comes…..we help move you out and into your next home.

Premier Homes...Your own property manager!
While you are living in your new home abroad, Premier Homes is always there to assist you with all of your domestic challenges.
  1. As a liaison between the tenant and property owner, Premier Homes is ready to assist you at any time with issues that may need some bilingual assistance, not to mention professional property management experience.

  2. When things go wrong...pick up the phone and give Premier Homes a call. We are prepared to help you get the proper technician and/or service person to your home immediately. It is our policy to make sure that all of the household problems that our customer/friends are faced with get taken care of just as quickly as is possible.

Premier Homes...Your own personal guide!
Yes, Premier Homes is also prepared to help it's expatriate customer/friends with all of their cultural, social and consumer needs.
  1. Cultural: With our extensive filing system of brochures, pamphlets and information on all the cultural services, tours, etc., that help make an expatriates life abroad more interesting and enjoyable...Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. is prepared to be your 'Friend in Need'!

  2. Social: There is hardly a place, organization or business on the entire Eastern Seaboard that Premier Homes does not have a friendly contact that is able to help expatriates with their community contact needs...again Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. is prepared to be your 'Friend in Need'!

  3. Consumer: Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. is constantly purchasing household items for it's property owners and tenants. Premier Homes is given discounts and special service at many of the areas best shops and stores. These discounts and special services are extended to all our customer/friends. Once again Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. is prepared to be your 'Friend in Need'!

Premier Homes...Your own personal relocation specialist!
When it's time to start thinking about your next move...Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. is prepared to put you in contact with a another relocation specialist that is prepared to assist you with your next move and housing search. All of your relocation needs will be taken care of.

And when it is time to return home...or go on to your next assignment...Premier Homes Real Estate works together with the very best International Moving Service professionals in the business.

With a simple phone call, Premier Homes can put you in contact with the proper professionals and have all of your moving needs taken care of. Packing, moving and storage all can be arranged.

Premier Homes will make sure that you leave the area and arrive at your next destination as smoothly and efficiently as is possible.

When Premier Homes moves you in...it's just the beginning of their many services!
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